Kigo comic

Kim Possible slash. Guiltiest of pleasures. And it’s shared by many others who have fallen in love with the couple Kim/Shego! Hero and villain. Enemies or friends? One can never have enough fun with ‘em!

And so, I had started a little Kigo comic called “Anything’s Possible“, on November 2009, not knowing where it might lead, and made purely for fun! But due to popular demands on my Deviantart page, it seems I can’t leave it behind.

***WARNING: Comic contains hoomoosexxxxual relationshipOHMY! Don’t read if your mind can’t take seeing your favorite kid cartoon show being turned into an evil plan to conquer the world and fill it with lesbian love.***

-To have a larger picture, right click it and open in a new tab! :)

A huge thank you to the people who donated for this comic and could make this happen. Give them a little warm thought, you wouldn’t have so much Kigo if it weren’t for them :)

Page countdown before the end of Anything’s Possible: 2


Kim Possible and all related characters © Disney

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  1. chloe says:

    You can now leave comments on the comic here! :D
    Lots of love to you all!

    • Dan says:

      you’re a comic genius,Chloe,you have my respect,friend

      • Major Cornwallace says:

        I have a thing for well made comics/manga… like any good work of art they just suck me in. The playfulness of your work is astoundingly polished. I have an on-again enjoyment of shoujo-ai, when it’s well done, and yours is world-class.

    • Annie says:

      GAK! Updates are when?!

    • Jenny says:

      I love this so much it is sexy makes me on my toes lol and more besides mad am not

    • Dani says:

      I’m so excited for the update!

    • Reddragon says:

      when is the next update?? so excited! love your work!

    • lauren says:

      Just adding my love to the pile. Can’t wait for an update.

    • Tsu says:

      Yay!! new page!! :D

    • Hannah says:

      Holy smokes! New pages! Thank you so much for updating (and making the comic at all)! The new pages are gorgeous– can’t wait for the next ones. :)

    • Andie says:

      Wuuuahh!! An update!! :) I love ur comics!!

    • Tsu says:

      :D :D Keep it coming!!

    • Karen says:

      When I saw the latest pages, I thought WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Then a little sadness set in with the realisation that it will soon be finished. That has been part of the enjoyment, the anticipation, waiting for the next installment. This is a great comic/story. You are very talented. All the best.

    • asianscaper says:

      I’m a huge fan of this comic. I particularly love the way the colouring has changed from the beginning up until now. It’s become more vibrant. I can see the art evolving. Thank you so much for sharing with us! It’s always a pleasure reading the latest page and I can’t wait for more! Cheers!

    • athalias says:

      Please dont let us down! Please end the story! I’m exited about the ending! Pleaseprety please!

    • Tsu says:

      I just read the whole comic once again and I keep enjoying it to the best. I love it! I come everyday to see if there’s an update. I’ll be sad when this ends though :(

      Keep up the good work!!

    • Tsu says:

      YES YES YES!!!! and omg Kim just couldn’t take it anymore! LOOOVED how she just wanted the kiss so badly!!
      AWESOME update!! :D :3

    • Kenzie says:

      I love your comics, both kigo and GGAR
      great work on everything i cannot wait to read more
      forever your fan

    • Samantha says:

      It is rare for a comic of any kind, (fan-made especially) to make me go through such a wide variety of emotions. You have done that. I laughed, smiled, blushed, screamed, and even got angry. It was a great ride. Not to mention your mastery and evolution over your own art work. The detail, you paid so much attention to it. The anatomy was correct, always. The best however would be the way you made your panels. They are supposed to generate thought, emotion, and flow through-out the story. You did it perfectly. The actions scenes were snappy and quick, but you managed to slow it down multiple times to invoke thought.
      This was such a great little comic. You have plenty of talent and have over succeeded. Job best done.

    • swim says:

      Yay!!!! Updataed hehehhehe

    • Daniel says:

      Your comics are always fun and sexy. Simply amazing.

    • Tsu says:

      Im confused. I thought she kissed her on the mouth :(

    • blokova18 says:

      will you continue the comic..? please, it cant finish in the middle of nothing D:

    • The Fansheep says:

      I love it! Its just great and soo nice! buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut can you add a little link thingy that allows you to brows a little more easy?

    • Truna says:

      OMG heck I think I just got addicted to Kim Possible again after five years of a break from evil monkeys and stuff. Squeeeeeee. Please continue.

    • asdfasf says:

      Portal reference. You managed to mix up my 2 favourite fandoms, kudos t you.

    • Happy says:


    • Knives4cash says:

      PRAISE THE ALLSPARK!!! You finally finished the last two pages! Thank you! We shall chant your name in the streets of the Internet!

    • Paula101 says:

      Hey I am really enjoying this story. When are you gonna put up the last two pages?

    • Tsu says:

      :( no updates

    • P-chu says:

      I cannot say it any better or that what Major Conrwallace just said. Your story-telling skills and vision are refreshing.

    • qtRaven says:

      So when do we get a continuation?
      We’ve had first date. It was amazing.
      We’ve had first kiss and longing beginning.
      Do we get a first time?
      Or even a proposal?

      Wedding with Shego in a black and green tux?


    Anyhow, I would donate, but I’m too poor to do so. :(

  3. Trahern says:

    I’m tempted to donate 9.99 just to be cheeky.

  4. Lisey says:

    Hi chloe,

    Are you still taking donations? I’m happy to donate to the kigo comic anyway, but was wondering if you were still doing sketches for over $10?
    I love these so much, and would love to have one!
    let me know :) x

  5. exotic melody says:

    I am going to donate to you when I get older. Go KiGo!!! There’s a really good FanFic (still in progress) of Shego as dracula. It’s really good and building up to awesomeness! Give it a read, if you have time! DRAKIGO is what it is called! :)

  6. Arielle says:

    omfg! I love this comic! -huggles comic- You’ve put a whole new spin on one of my favorite cartoons of all time…I should have seen it coming. Thanks Chloe ♥

  7. Zana says:

    I would donate, but Serbia doesn’t have paypal -.-

  8. Dark pantera says:

    Yay! Page 22! The suspense of page23 is killing me :o

  9. Rocker-lee says:

    Yummy, great job!

  10. Trahern says:

    Updates 2-3 days (not including sleep, food, beer or other art work).

  11. El says:

    What a gorgeous page :D You gotta love fight sex…I mean, scenes, fight scenes!

  12. Rocker-lee says:

    Great update, can’t wait to read more! Your art is awesome BTW!

  13. gideon says:

    love your comic, have to say kim/shego has to be one of my favorite pairings, always looking forward to your updates, keep up the great job!

  14. Eoraptor says:

    very smexy shego in page 23 there Chloe :D

  15. Trahern says:

    Just noticed the portion of Shego’s neck you’ve been painting black should be her skin. Only noticed it because the Kim in my story just bit it (Shego’s neck), and looking at your Shego I was thinking she’d have to unbutton the collar first, and then I thought, “Why is there material above the button?” So I took a quick peek at canon Shego and… yeah.

    • chloe says:

      Actually there are some snapshots that show it being skin, and others that have black. Even the animators seem to hesitate!
      But I guess the most logical would be the skin.

  16. chloe says:

    Page 24 posted. I know, it’s just one big panel with like five words, but I’m satisfied with it nonetheless :)

    • Trahern says:

      Reminds me of… chapter six of SHADO Commander’s “Centerfold of the Storm.” Awesome.

      • El says:

        I agree! One of my favorite Kigo fics :) I love the framing of the two together in this panel.

      • chloe says:

        You’ve made a big mistake, mentioning a 50+ chaptered Kigo fanfiction that I have yet to read!
        No Chloe, concentrate on the comic…don’t… give in to the temptation…!

        • Trahern says:

          Oops, uh… it’s not finished yet, don’t start reading it unless you want to end up waiting for more in the middle of a big action scene. Or… just read the first dozen chapters, which can be self-contained until you have the time to spare. Or it’s finished. Whichever comes last.

          You know, a widescreen version of p.24 would make an awesome desktop.

        • Peggy says:

          I feel staisefid after reading that one.

      • ShadowcatLover says:

        Okay, it’s official. Between Chloe’s wonderful fanfic comic and Trahern’s recommendation of ATCOTS, I’ve become an unrepentant KiGo fan.

  17. Athol says:

    Curses on being poor, or I would donate!! As FanFics go this is head and shoulders above alot of them. On a side note, does anyone know why Shego contiunes to work for the blue fool? If she went independant she’d have much more time to ‘persue’ Kim :)

  18. El says:

    Awww! Look at the cute Kigo blushes! :3

  19. Heather says:

    There are so many reasons I love Kigo so much that I started writing it, and art is one of the main ones. Your art is great for it and so many of the looks and poses just sing with their character. Cannot wait for more.

  20. dani says:

    I would donate… but I’m only 13 and my mom won’t let me :(

  21. Arkadi says:

    Getting better every time ^^

  22. Charlie-Chopstix says:

    Gah. Everytime I come here for an update, I always go back to page 24. It’s been drawn just so flawlessly, the animation in the hair and the body language is just to die for. I just get that satisfied feeling like when I look at Disney production art, so beautiful.

  23. Trahern says:

    Nooo, just lose the clothes! In front of the cameras! Ah, nuts… Chloe’s a bloody tease…

    Yay for Shego attempting to sexually empower Kimmie, though. Get the jailbait to grow up just enough to ravish. I can’t help thinking the next page will involve Shego pointing out how sexy her catsuit is while Kim chases her formfitted ass.

  24. Trahern says:

    You’re finally learning that you get your kigo done a day later than you tend to say. :p

  25. Alyssa says:

    omg. This is written so cleverly! it sounds like the writers themselves!!
    I don’t even mind that you’ve made Kim Kigo. xD
    Its kinda cute actually. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE POUCH IS! I’d donate if I could :l

    • chloe says:

      In the pouch are… all the donations I need for the next page!!! Noooooooo :O

      • El says:

        You’d think Shego would want to let us get to Kigo smexy time. Wonder if Kim knows what “trouble” those donations are bound to get her into ;)

    • miztickow says:

      I’m surprised Kim’s so interested with what’s in the pouch when Shego’s ass is right in front of her.

  26. Karolina says:

    hmmm,I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next and since I have some money to spent I wanted to ask how much you need for the next….5 pages,maybe a little more :3

    • chloe says:

      Wow, um, five pages would be splendid, but 60$ dollars each, you know? That would make a wooping 300$, along with five thousand sketches of uber love.

  27. dani says:

    kimmie seems to always be blushing ^_^

  28. Arkadi says:

    Oh gods, Kim makes the BEST faces in this page! XD Especially the ‘playing me for a goddamn fool’ expression in the sixth panel. That’s SO great!

  29. Heather says:

    This just keeps getting better and better. I am looking forward to where you end up taking this story, because you have a lot of possibilities already set up which should be fun to play with.

  30. dani says:

    O.O thank you whomever gave the money for pages 29, 30, and 31 *.* you are awesome! ^_^

  31. RionKatt says:

    Ooh~~ I can’t wait to see how kim’s new outfit will look like… I bet it would still show her bare midriff and maybe more spandex-like material…


  32. Bishop999 says:

    Whoa, I’m no philistine, but 60 bucks pr. strip seems a bit unreasonable.
    I’d happily donate 10 a week, but then I’d have to feel it would actually, noticeably speed up the process, which your pretty stale dollar count doesn’t indicate it.

    I don’t suppose your is price negotiable?

    Of course, I’ve just arrived so maybe this is just a dry week… or you’re the most patient and modest of gifted artists I’ve ever heard about.

  33. Jack says:

    I’ve been following the comic for weeks now. It’s just that good. The dialogue is funny and smooth plus the art is fun to watch change over time.
    Keep up the good kigo work Chloe!

  34. chloe says:

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! :)
    Page 29 updated! See why I love blushes so much?

  35. Trahern says:

    I recognise the cactus, but what’s that in the sky? A bird? A plane? A batlesbo?

  36. dani says:

    Monique’s words and Kimmie’s reactions had me laughing every time I read them

  37. Bishop999 says:

    Ha! I like how Monique takes the idea completely in stride.
    She probably isn’t even seriously considering the idea of Kim crushing on another girl -much less Shego- yet, but it’s still heartwarming to see friends indulge each other like this.

    I’ve always found it a bit appalling how Kim’s family and friends usually freak out, even to hostile levels, when the truth comes out in most Kigo fan works.
    It seems cheapening and cruel, whether “justified” or not. Wonderful with a few aversions.

    And awesome job, of course.

  38. CrazyCatLadyMuch says:

    The one time I’m not at home you update this thing… Oh well that’s what’s phones are for 3 /points at mention expression

    I absolutely cannot wait for the next pages, whomever donated in the recent spike I thank thee for thy lovey contributions to both the comic and our wonderful Artist Chloe.

  39. Demacrado-ensueno says:

    Don’t know if everyone has this problem or that it’s just my laptop (I sorta feel like a tard asking this) but whenever I want to enlarge a thumbnail, the image is really, REALLY small. If I ctrl + scroll, the entire page zooms in, but the image remains just as small. I can’t even read the panels :( I don’t know if it’s a resolution problem? (I have 1024 x 600) because on my desktop/real comp I don’t have this problem.


  40. Bishop999 says:

    “I have the upper hand now;”
    …C’mon kimmie, now you’re just tempting fate.

    Any guesses as to the second wish? I’d run for Shego having Kim do something slightly immoral.

    Hmm, the new outfit IS sexy, but honestly it doesn’t seem original enough, and just a bit too deliberate for Kimmie. The turquoise and white seem out of place, which gives the entire look a pretty pretentious air.

    Heh, otherwise awesome page :)

    • Trahern says:

      When I first saw the ink I wondered if it would be purple and black. Kim assumes Shego would get a kick out of her mimicking the catsuit but with more skin, and, well… who can blame her? The turquoise is Wade tech, so I imagine those boots have a surprise or two up their… uh… the analogy doesn’t really work with boots. I bet they’ll give Kim some extra bounce like the battle suit.

  41. dani says:

    I see kim in more a blue and white suit, butt she looks awesome in that one o_~

  42. Catgirl says:

    I just have to say: daaaaaamn girl!
    =^.^= kitty like~

  43. Edokage says:

    Kim’s new mission gear sure is… skimpy. I wonder what her parents and Ron would say if (when) they see it (since Wade probably already knows everything alresdy)? Also, is the new outfit a replacement for her old or does she wear it only when dealing with Shego?

  44. Arkadi says:

    Ooooooh, I just noticed McPedro on page 29! Yaaaay! 8D

  45. Stephan says:

    I am very excited how the finale will be and how things develop after the three wishes :-) But until then it is hopefully a long and funny time with lots of flirts, fights and hard to repress attraction, with some prickling weak moments, between these two “enemies” !

  46. Arie says:

    i love this (cry) im tempted to give you a thoushand dollors just for you to continue (cry) why dont i have a thousand dollars.

  47. Arie says:

    also shouldnt you work on it every 30 dollars, or someething? i think people would be a lot more willing to donate then.

    • dani says:

      *shrugs* she needs the money, I would donate if I had a Paypal account… *shoulders sag* but sadly *I don’t sits in corner and crys*

    • chloe says:

      I don’t think you realize how much time a page takes me. Around 5-7 hours. Earning 30 dollars for that would not be worth it.
      Also, donations go very smoothly as it is. Sometimes I even wish people would stop donating so I can work on other projects of mine xD
      NOT COMPLAINING. Bejeesus, I love all o’ you.<3

  48. dani says:

    YAY KiGo…ish *squee* they held hands ^_^

  49. fmorgana says:

    Now…that is hot… and nice background!

  50. sannz says:

    Loving it! Please, oh please, mistress Chleo, give us more, more, more.
    I dare say your cartoon is better than the original :]

  51. SSD1805 says:

    Your FRAKING amazing my god i’ve met so many talented people and you are one of the biggest i think its beautiful the way you draw and please continue the kigo it’s actually all thanks to you that i got drawm in to it anyway YOUR FAULT grrrrr lol but yeah thank you so much :D

  52. Trahern says:

    Meh, it’s Disney. Her parents would probably take greater issue with a “goddamn” than an “ass.” But since Kim is behaving more like Shego, I’m betting we’re seeing the green girl’s dream, this time. Which would explain why we’re not limited to extreme close-up shots this time, nothing to do with DA being stupid at all…

    I like to think Kimception helped put you on the path to practicing your backgrounds and environments. ;)

  53. RionKatt says:

    … has it really been a month?

  54. Tabaz says:

    I am hoping that she will be able to focus on this again after her excitement over Bubblegum and Marceline dies down a bit. Heres hoping

  55. Diana says:

    ‘updates in a few hours’ xD too cute

  56. Arkadi says:

    Boob-to-boob resuscitation? :3

  57. Tigeopard says:

    kyah!!!!!!!!! you update! yes!*fist pump* i feel like going out and celebrating! woohoo! love the hormone line that shego said XD it was so funny.

  58. Harkel Tu says:

    That’s right, boys. Cave Johnson here. We here at Apertu-*frzzzt*

    Lol. Niiiice. Kim with a Portal Gun? sweet xD though I think the original model was a biiiit much >.>

    (if you found that picture in Portal 2 that is.)

    Love the comic and wish I could help speed it along >.<


  59. Trahern says:

    Curse you for the unprecedented two page update that leaves us with such a cliff-hanger. As punishment, I notice you finally followed the Disney tradition of colour confusion regarding Shego’s collar. :p

    This might amuse:

  60. dani says:

    I love Kimmie in the last panel, so pretty ^_^

  61. Caroline says:

    loooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee the new page!!!!!!!!

  62. Kanno says:

    Really loving this. Can’t wait for the next update~

  63. Neona says:

    Love ya comics! :3
    And just sent donation to you! <3 keep it up

  64. Eoraptor says:

    *snuffling around for a new page like the nosey little raptor I am*

  65. Lisey says:

    I love this so much, I check most days just in case haha, can’t wait to see new pages!!! You’re one of my favourite artists, you ship all the characters I ship!!! <3

  66. diav says:

    Awesome update! :) Keep up the great work, Chloe! :)

  67. Ironpool says:

    thank you so much for being you. i’ve been reading you stuff for a week now and it’s really cheered me up. i needed it. i look forward to you becoming a world renowned comic book artist and story teller. i think you’re halfway there =)

  68. Trahern says:

    So, a potential impending kiss of a cliffhanger, then a long wait… and then you do it again. If you’re not evil, you’re extremely cheeky.


    • chloe says:

      @Trahern: I am conscious of this, yes ;)

      @Ironpool: I’m so glad I was able to cheer you up with my art, I’ll keep it up then!

      @Everyone else who’s reading this: Thanks<3

  69. Arkadi says:

    *Le gasp* Stuff is about to happen! OwO

  70. dani says:

    KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS! :D love you comics Chloe ^_^

  71. Arkadi says:

    Oh, with the baiting and the teasing! >_<

  72. Rumiel says:


    Cliff hanger!!!! TT_TT *whimpers*

  73. Catgirl says:

    You EVIL Wonderful person you………please please ppppllllleeeeeasssse dont stop ;)

  74. Trahern says:

    …I shouldn’t be surprised by now.

  75. Rainbow Rocker says:

    <333333333 OHHEMMMGEEEEEZZZ I love the page! I love your art! and I can't wait to see what the next wish is!

  76. Amelia says:

    Please hurry and make another page or I might fall from your cliff hanger! *pout*

  77. Kanno says:

    What a beautiful tease. XD

  78. GNneko says:

    ohhh dude! I want to see them kiss! ;;
    anyways, next page please!~

  79. Charlie says:

    Damnitdamnitdamnitdamnit. As soon as my paypal starts to work, this is where all my money is going. All of it.
    T^T Why will it not work!?

    At least once a month I either go to your DA or here and just read everything you’ve made over again. <3

    Love you.

  80. Katrina says:

    I honestly think this is the best kigo comic i’ve ever seen.
    I dont know if you read these comments but Chloe, your work is incredible and i cant wait for the next page :P

    Oh and if you dont make them kiss you are sooooo dead…

    • chloe says:

      @Charlie and everyone else: thanks a bunch!
      @Katrina: I do read all of the comments, and I’m glad so many seem to like the comic.
      Oh and I know ;)

  81. nyu says:



  82. Catgirl says:

    Thank you Jessica W, you have made many people very very happy =^.^=

    also, i love you Chloe, its nice to be able to tell people there are awesome people in the world ♥

    oh also, please please please never stop telling you’re stories and spreading the love =)

  83. menchicutlets says:

    Its not much, but im glad I could finally put a little towards all the hard work done by you on this comic – its been so much fun to read and watch it come to fruition. Keep it up and I’ll hope to donate again when I do have spare cash again. ^_^

  84. Sylverbraid says:

    I wish I could give more at this time, I think the comic is great. I was planning on giving a good deal more then my car went boom.

  85. Ren says:

    I’m a little lost if I donate you’ll send me all of it or just the chapter I donated for?

    • chloe says:

      The pages are all there for everyone to read. But the donators get three Kigo illustrations that are not publicly shown to others.

  86. Renate says:

    I am just about dying waiting for the next one!

  87. LadyRatix says:

    Chloeeee! we need another page! T_T

  88. Tori Hall says:

    Mistress Chloe!! We need more pages!! D:

  89. SuperIvan98 says:

    In the name of yuri please make another page, we’re dying without!! ;~;

  90. Darkwolf12 says:

    Chloe!!! Pleeaaaasee updated the kigo comic because it’s interesting me! T-T *wailing*

  91. MangakaPoof says:

    How come you draw new pictures nearly everyday,or the short comic strips,but don’t update kigo? :<

    • Heretic says:

      From the artist comments above:””GAK UPDATES PLZZZ” I hear you, really. I’m planning on concentrating on the Kigo comic after I get a few commissions done, and get as much pages done.”

      She’s working on commissions. She’ll get to this eventually. Commissions tend to have deadlines and consequences as opposed to this, which does not. We all are waiting with bated breath for updates, but be patient, she has other work that takes precedence and has already stated she will finish this. (And sketches are simple and quick and ways to relieve stress. Working on a new page can be opposite that. Please don’t begrudge the artist her fun.)

  92. Anon says:

    Gaah, I really, REALLY want to see what that dream sequence was like, but I’m not sure if I wanna pay $10 to get a wallpaper of it in my mail… I would pay $10 for it to get uploaded on the internet so that everyone like me could enjoy it, though. (I don’t have a scanner, so I cannot help with uploading or anything like that, else I could’ve taken it upon myself…)
    Anyway, Chloe, I don’t wanna pressure you or anything, but I kinda I think that you should pay your paying fans their respect and upload a couple of the pages they’ve paid for. It only seems fair to me…

    • Shaina K says:

      Hey, chill out.
      She’ll get to it when she has time.
      It takes a lot of time to draw and color. And you should respect that.
      I donated and honestly, I’m not complaining because you know, it’s so great that she’s even done this in the first place. Your having said that “she should pay [her] paying fans respect” is waaaay out of line. I think she does respect us. And it’s you who should respect that Chloe is a person who probably has other pressing life issues to get through before she can focus on a silly(but amazing omg) comic.
      So it might seem fair to you, but it isn’t.
      Okay I had a more articulate response to this but I lost it because of anger.

      • Katrina says:

        yea, im with Shaina K, even though i really want another page, i’m willing to wait because i know she probably has other stuff to do. As a fellow artist i know it can be pretty hard to keep on top of everything.
        And anyway, when she does upload, it will be even more awesome than normal.

  93. Idontevenknow says:

    I don’t get why is says that she’ll do pages after commissions, and then she puts even more commission slots up on her page. I’m patient and everything, and I can wait for however long it may be, but I’m kind of frustrated that she said that and is now just adding more commissions to her schedule. I’m not complaining, though. I love Chloe’s art in general, so I don’t mind too much. I’d just rather her update us on when she wants to get back to this wonderful comic. D:

  94. WhoGivesWhatMyNameIs says:


  95. NotArchStanton says:

    Has it been two months or three since the last update?

  96. E. says:

    I read the comments and I agree with the ones who said that Chloe should update the comic. It`s not like she`s doing this for free or something, she`s paid for 46 pages and everything we have are 35 pages. It`s not fair for the ones who actually paid for this comic. It might take time to do it but seriously it`s been like 2 or 3 months since the last update and by now we should`ve had at least 40 pages (considering that she was busy and didn`t have enough time to make the rest of 6 pages).
    It`s already expensive enough to ask 60$ for just one page. I mean, seriously …
    So Chloe, manage your time and update the comic as soon as possible because we are all waiting for it. Or if you are busy now and can`t keep up with it, tell us something.

    • chloe says:

      “60$ for just one page”, look up at other professional artists’ price for a comic page, it might be interesting to compare.

  97. Tabaz says:

    Please everyone, relax. I know it may be frustrating that something you enjoy (and lets be honest I enjoy and have donated too) is taking time to reach completion but we all need too remember two very important things: firstly that there is no on switch for inspiration so if it takes a three month break for Chloe to find her love for this side project again than that is far better than a timely but rushed and poorly done story. Secondly we DONATED the money to her, we didn’t pay for commissions or even for a set schedule, we gave her money because of her previous works in hopes of inspiring her to continue. There is no contract between her and us stating that she must do an update a month or even one every three, and if she feels the need to put paid work ahead of side projects then that is what she should do. I feel that the large amount of posts getting impatient over a silly (although spectacular) Kigo fanfic are not productive and may be negatively impacting the authors mood towards this project.

    P.S. Chloe thankyou for writing this and I look forward to your future works :)

  98. S says:

    Not a binding contract or anything but when she herself say that once she get 60$ she’ll start the next page and a page usually takes 4-6 hours and the aim is to have one a week it is easy to understand people getting ticked by the wait.

    Imo it’s a lack of respect to your donors to accept money and then just drag on for months while taking commission work.
    Was even about to create a paypal account for this but then I noticed the state of things.
    Hopefully it will turn around and make me inclined to donate some towards the last 2 pages because the art itself is amazing.

  99. i am really impressed with your art ^-^ i have been for a while (I’m a fellow watcher of yours ;P )i’m fine with waiting because good art takes time xD hope you manage to get your donations soon :) i wish i could donate T.T best of luck <3 All Hail Kigo!

  100. Trahern says:

    Still say this comment thing needs pages. Anyhoo, I’ll give this another poke now…


    Turn off the internet and get back on the commish queue, Chloe. The sooner you do, the sooner you can relax with some nice fluffy kigo, and silence the braying of these hounds! Dooon’t let the Bellamione distraaact yooou!

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    Okay… Now I’m back here again after almost 2 months absence, and what do I find? No updates is what I find (and judging by the comments of the posters before my last post, it had already been a while since Chloe’s last update)… Seriously, I can understand that some people get pissed at my earlier criticism, but now the schedule slip is really starting to effin’ justify my words. Seriously, woman, if you’ve promised one page for each $60 donated to you from your fans, you better pull yourself together and give peple what they’ve paid for, lest you desire to be called a fraud. You’re over 10 pages behind!

    With love and kisseses, Anon.

    P.S. I love your work on GGaR. Keep it goin’. *thumbs up*

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    There, that sounds better doesn’t it :P

  103. chloe says:

    I hadn’t been checking this website for quite a while now, and I’m actually glad to find these comments. No one’s been disrespectful, everyone has clearly stated their opinion on the lack of updates, and rightfully said it was a lack of responsibility.
    I feel like an apology just wouldn’t do it, so look up at the updates in both the comic and the text below, if you’re still interested!
    Lots of love, and thank you,
    Chloé C.

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    The scene where Kim is posing in front of the mirror is very funny.

    A few years ago I downloaded the first pages from DA on an old PC that`s since been junked. Lately, I have been reading the updates on my iPad. Seeing your style change over time has been quite an enjoyable ride.

    I look forward to the finish of this story.

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    Ah, Chloe, as usual you display your skill. Though i may not have been following you since the beginning, i still love your artwork and whatever plot lines you manage to come up with. While the GGaR comic was what first caught my eye, this one gives me a bit of ground to start off with, keeps me familiar with the characters, and it puts a great spin on an old and favorite idea: KiGo. I’ve been biting my nails and twiddling my thumbs for the next update, and i know you won’t disappoint.

  141. Trahern says:

    Some of the more memorable moments between Kim and Shego. It’s also brought the timeline to my attention; is AP set somewhere in the first half of season 4?

    • chloe says:

      It’s not set in any specific timeline. It has always been in my intention to make this comic understandable for everyone, even the ones that have barely seen any KP episodes. These will be the only references to specific scenes in the series.
      However it is set when they are older. Kim being around 18-20 years old at this moment.

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    I hope your trip went well (are you back home again now?) ^_^

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    • YaminoEndo says:

      Kimmie’s first. There are two hints that show it. First, the nikname “Princess”, Shego use it several times to refer at Kimmie. The second is in the dialog balloon (globe, bubble, however you want to name it) that says “Is that you wish, Princess”. The thin line that comes out of it is an indication that the words are coming from the character that is further away, while the dialog “Kiss me” has that little peak in the bubble, which means that Kimmie (the closer one to it) is the one that says it. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    On a different note. Very well scripted fancomic. I’ve read a lot and with most the character development is left out. Not so with this, so I was highly impressed. Very impressive. I’m not usually a fan of such work, but not only did I stick through with this one, I couldn’t stop reading it and can’t wait for the conclusion.

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    I just found out about this wonderful comic, after following GgaR for a few months now.
    And I’m absolutely in love with this one as well.
    I somewhat enjoyed watching the ‘real’ series a few years ago and it sure is interesting to see them now in this very special style that I came to love.
    Kudos to Chloé for this fabulous piece of art (and everyone who donated to make it real)!

    The tiny heart in the bottom left panel of page 41 is giving me a big, happy grin all over my face. Was it intentionally placed there or is it just my childish imagination going wild? Anyway, love it!

    • Yamino Endo says:

      I’ve tried to found the heart you talk about but couldn’t find it. I also checked page 40 and 42 and nothing. If you can give me more specific instructions as to what exact page it is and were the heart is, I would be able to see it.

      • Alfred Jodocus Kwak says:

        It’s page 41, in the bottom left panel. The one where Shego leans over to Kimmie to say/whisper “And God knows I love a good challenge …”.
        I admit it’s kind of a stretch, but I see a little ‘hearty’ shape forming between the backrest and their heads/hair.
        It might not be intentionally, but I’d say it fits the scene rather well!

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    • monkeycomics says:

      guessing of course… but based on my own personal experience of how i cant wake up the morning after… i’d say kimmie probably did have a little bit of shego loving.

      also enjoying the position of the kiss drawing (on page 19 she was fussing about how she couldnt believe shego was on top in the dream)

      (just a minor giggle of repetition of theme, dont mind me, i’m a story telling nerd ^,^)

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  234. Dragonflight says:

    I like that it’s vague enough that you’re not sure. And that it’s not just a random hentai doujin or something.

    I’d classify Shego and Kim in this strip as bi-curious. They really aren’t sure where it’s going, or if they’re interested beyond just being curious. But even if they aren’t, it’s redefining Shego’s role as a bad girl, and that may have consequences down the road, even if she doesn’t wind up in some kind of experimental relationship.

  235. Kiel95 says:

    You are amazing and wonderful and great <3 I wish you had more time to do KiGo stuff. I would love if you made a KiGo into a comic strip sort of like Go Get A Roomie, but that'd probably kill you with work xD So I guess I'll just have to wait for the last page and just be happy for this, and holy hell am I happy for this <3 This is probably some of the best of the KiGo comics I've seen. Keep up your awesomeness! :)

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      Actually, it’s already finished. Chloe must’ve forgotten to edit the countdown. She finish it in 2013, don’t remember when, but I’m sure because I made a CBR (Comic Book Rar) and since I’ve had it on both my phone and tablet, so this beautiful piece of art is always with me. It introduce me to femslash and the vast world of fanfiction.

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      Actually, it’s already finished. Chloe must’ve forgotten to edit the countdown. She finish it in 2013, don’t remember when, but I’m sure because I made a CBR (Comic Book Rar) and since I’ve had it on both my phone and tablet, so this beautiful piece of art is always with me. It introduce me to femslash and the vast world of fanfiction.

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